Professional Development Workshops

Dr. Joanne E. Marciano and Dr. Michelle Knight-Manuel partnered with the Newark Board of Education to facilitate a series of 8 professional development workshops for educators at six public secondary schools in the district during Spring of 2020. The workshops focused on supporting educators in understanding and implementing practices discussed in the book Classroom Cultures: Equitable Schooling for Racially Diverse Youth.

Participating educators shared the following anonymous feedback at the end of the 8 sessions:

“I truly enjoyed reading your book and the lessons within it. The lessons from Chapter 3, Challenging Stereotypes, Supporting Students’ Strengths, have really made an impact in understanding how certain actions, while meaning well, could be leading to inequitable access to education for students of color.”

“This was an excellent and effective Professional Development session(s). I will truly benefit from this next year and the years to follow as I continue to grow as an educator.”

“You all have been awesome. Thank you for all of your time and hard work. Your personalities are fantastic.”

“I really, really, REALLY appreciate you all! This training was wonderful and I will be sure to implement what I have learned!”

For more information about the sessions, or to invite Joanne and Michelle to collaborate with your school community, email us at the contact information below:

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